Conversations on Digital Transformation in Sydney

I returned to Sydney after almost 15 months. Enjoyed every bit of the four days I spent there. We had two client briefings which included dialogue with industry leaders who are driving the digital transformation agenda across industries and government. As always in almost every country I have visited in recent times, I was amazed at the number of new start-ups that are doing incredible work.  Australian companies have always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies in Asia Pacific.  I recollect how in the early days of IP telephony it was one of the fastest adopters of this technology and in dismantling the traditional PBX infrastructure.

It was no different this time around. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Robotics dominated the discussions. The number of projects underway across vertical industries such as government, security, healthcare, education and retail was a surprise. IBM clearly is leading the way in the AI space in the country as revealed in our latest research on the market. The mining sector also seems to be on the rebound with capex trends showing signs of improvement. On the consumer front, there is a high degree of excitement at the prospect of the Amazon playing a more aggressive role in the retail market. There is anticipation that Amazon will help bring some price competitiveness to what is considered as an expensive market for consumers.  Large Australian companies & also the government are embracing the change much more rapidly than others around the world.

By sheer coincidence, I ended up watching the movie LION, on the way back home. What an inspiration Australians – Sue & John Brierley are for all of us. The movie is also inspiring and inviting attention to the cause of homeless children in India. All over the world, these days it’s quite easy to be critical of everything around us. We are not happy with the change and progress. I left Sydney very inspired with all the positive change I see.  My suggestion to my Aussie friends and colleagues, yes the pace of change is slow, but the change there is a lot faster than in many other countries around the world.  Lets equally ensure we smile and celebrate the wonderful things that are happening around us.

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