Everyday is a Race Day

I picked up running as a hobby 10 years ago, and it changed my life forever.  It all started off with the inaugural edition of Frost the Trail, our annual charity run.  What started off as short runs have since evolved to full marathons.  Race days for any run are special, even more so if I am doing a full marathon.

Preparations usually begin a week before the event by hydrating well and loading my body with carbs. Given that races start around 5am in Southeast Asian countries to beat the heat, it is usual to hit the bed early the previous day. My race day ritual starts at least three hours earlier with a strong coffee and a light breakfast. I also meditate for about 15 minutes visualizing myself doing the run and crossing the finish line followed by light warm-up stretches. Music is a big part of this ritual to get my mind into the “zone.”

The adrenaline rush as I enter the venue joined by usually thousands of other equally excited runners is magical. Oh, how I love that feeling! As I get to the starting line, my body and mind are now in peak form and prepped for the pounding it is about to undergo over the next 4-and-half hours.

In the journey of life, “Everyday is a Race Day.” Imagine if all of us could prep our mind and body to be in such top form to take on the day. The results could be spectacular!

While it has taken much effort to replicate a pre-marathon routine daily, some of it has thankfully rubbed off on my daily life. Breakfast, exercise, and on some lucky days, a dose meditation to clear the cobwebs from the day before, and get a fresh start (ok, almost!).

The race in itself is another exciting story, but that will have to wait for the next time.

So what does your morning routine look like?

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