Healthcare Trends in ASIA for 2015

My colleagues in the healthcare team recently did a briefing on the top trends for 2015. Overall we are very bullish on healthcare in Asia as it continues to enjoy a soft spot globally for investments from the industry as well as investors. Find below some of my notes from the briefing:

1. Urban Poor – an area of challenge and opportunity for healthcare providers. We will see some innovative approaches to addressing this challenge by governments in partnership with private sector.

2. Investments into manufacturing will find way into ASEAN. Governments are looking at the medical device manufacturing industry as an opportunity to manage trade balances.

3. Pharmacies will emerge as a channel for diagnosis (diagnostics), compliance and treatment.

4. Indonesian government is the largest customer for healthcare industry in Asia Pacific because of its Universal Health Coverage initiative.

5. Healthcare tourism sees continued growth. Malaysia makes its presence felt as top destination in the world for people to retire.

6. Singapore leads the way for home delivery services in Asia Pacific.

7. ASEAN will represent a US$150 billion opportunity in the year 2017. One of the fastest growing geographic regions in the world.

8. New entrants such as telecom service providers continue to make feeble attempts to participate in the industry. Great opportunity exists to help address big challenges faced by the industry.

(all credits for this article is to the healthcare team in Asia – led by Rhenu Bhuller)

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