Inspire your team, organization and community to know where the opportunities lie in disruption.


Digital Transformation

We are in the midst of a whirlwind of change, driven by disruptive technology and new business models. This is further accelerated by the relatively easy availability of capital to startups around the world. Companies, industries and jobs are getting disrupted at an increasing speed. We all see the change happening around us and also to us, but yet struggle to make sense of what does it really mean for us?


Customer Experience

CX is now a boardroom agenda item, CX measures are often quoted in every annual report and CEOs have no choice but to be obsessed with it. It is also a tough time for the teams as every company is now being benchmarked with the very best in the world and in most instances not just against their direct competitors.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is dominating the discussion both in board rooms and in our personal lives. Many of the leading technology companies are embedding machine learning into their existing products which we as consumers are adopting with almost no awareness. This intriguing keynote will discuss multiple user cases of AI across industries and careers and take an AI-first approach to transforming your career, business and industry.



Sports brings out the best in human emotions. In recent times we have seen the incredible advancement of sports driven by the convergence with medicine, technology and business. Sports have leveraged each of these three pillars to help humans perform at the very best. Large scale events like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and Cricket World Cup have enabled us to attract billions of passionate fans to enjoy and participate in the process. There are incredible lessons for us as individuals, society and businesses that we can draw from sports.